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Customer faulty returns footwear and apparel


Africashoes pay for and collect faulty customer returned footwear and clothing from many brands throughout Europe. We have been in business for the last 20 years dealing with companies and manufacturers’ potential commercial waste. 100’s of thousands pairs and pieces of apparel have been saved from landfill and used as they were made for.


We have donated 100’s of thousands of pounds to Charites, solved your commercial waste problems and reinvested back into your brands


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Retail Odd/Single footwear


Retail odd footwear are normally single shoes which have become separated from their pair. This can happen during internet sales e.g. when customers order footwear which is sent back without the correct packaging or possibly in the wrong box, if they’ve ordered two different sizes to try on. Retail odds can also occur in retail shops when customers have tried on shoes and they have been put away carelessly. Or on the shop floor they have been moved around and mismatched.


Large companies and retail brands can have huge volumes of single or odd footwear.

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Brand Protection


All footwear we receive are exported or destroyed. Footwear can be de-branded, labels can be removed or covered over. Footwear can be marked in such a way that they cannot be resold in the UK or Europe, by indelible pen or whole punched to identify them as returns.


Brand protection is very important to all our suppliers. Africashoes offers a way to solve waste disposal needs, whilst putting shoes on the feet of people, who normally wouldn’t be able to afford them.

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About us

We are not registered as a charity. Africashoes is a business, and we pay for all the stock we receive. We can pay directly to your company, or to a charity of your choice. You can choose from many charities with which to work in the business of footwear. The benefit of using us at Africashoes is that you are dealing directly with us, rather than a board of committee members from a huge “charitable company”.

Only 13p in every £1 donated to a high street charity ends up with the end needy!

Be under no illusions, all huge recycling charities are dealing with smaller export companies like Africashoes, who pay the charity for your stock. We in turn export the goods to Africa, and Eastern Europe.

By dealing with Africashoes directly, you have direct say in where you are happy for your stock to ultimately end up. The value of the stock directly goes back to your company, or if you wish, a charity of your choice.

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What our clients say

Odd Shoes is a great way for us to recycle our commercial waste and footwears seconds. It’s great to know we’re stopping it from going into landfill.

James Stevens

It is a pleasure to deal with Odd Shoes. They are helpful, efficient and always ready to go the extra mile to solve our problems with us.

John McKenzie


These are some of the global brands that we have worked with in the last 5 years